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Who are we?
We are a group of individuals who love riding our Harley-Davidson® motorcycles.

The Windward Oahu Chapter of the Harley Owners Group a.k.a. "Windward HOG" is all about family oriented riding and having fun! We are people from different walks of life with years of riding experiences. Where laughter is heard and Harley riding memories are etched in weekly digital pictures.  It's where people come together to share interests in Harley-Davidson® motorcycles and the unique lifestyle that makes H.O.G.® so special. 

Chapter activities like breakfast rides, lunch rides, chapter gatherings and other ride events are planned with the group in mind.  On a Harley, you can experience the island in such a unique way that it changes you. When so much of you is involved in the ride, you're completely engaged with heightened senses and instincts. It keeps one sane. Ride with our chapter members and instantly gain new friends and riding partners. Soon, you could be riding hundreds of miles with us exploring Oahu on our weekly "island HOG adventures", drawing upon one another's experiences and exchanging road stories. 

We follow the Articles of the Annual Charter as established by the Harley Owners Group®.


What is H.O.G.?
The Harley Owners Group® (H.O.G.®) is an organization founded and sponsored by the Harley-Davidson®  Motor Company. The group was established to offer motorcycling benefits and service to Harley-Davidson® enthusiasts and to develop a close relationship between the Harley-Davidson® rider, the Harley-Davidson® dealers and Harley-Davidson® Motor Company.

How do I join?
First, you need to own a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. To start or extend national membership in  H.O.G.®, you may contact 1-800-CLUB-HOG (1-800-258-2464) or visit the web site at www.hog.com. You will need the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) from your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle in addition to your personal information and a Visa or MasterCard.

How much does it cost?
Currently a one-year full National H.O.G.® membership for an individual is $45, two years is $85 and  three years is $120. Life membership is also available. If you’ve purchased a new unregistered Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, you'll receive a one-year full membership. 

How about membership for my spouse/significant 
An Associate membership is designed for the passenger or family member of an active full member. Associate members receive some – but not all – benefits that full members receive. This includes the H.O.G.® card, pin and patch, and access to events and local chapters. The cost for a one year Associate membership is currently $25, two years is $45 and three years is $65.

OK, so now I’m a National H.O.G.® member, how do I join Windward Oahu Chapter? 
You will need to present your national H.O.G.® membership card (or number) and sign a Chapter Membership Enrollment form and Release. Dues are $24 per calendar year. If you join the chapter after July 1 of the current year, the dues are $12. All chapter memberships expire at the end of the current calendar year.

When and where does the Chapter meet? 
We have informal rides every Saturday. Our monthly Chapter meetings are held the third Saturday of each month usually at 9:00 A.M. upstairs at Cycle City. Check out our chapter event and ride calendar for up to date ride and Chapter meeting information, along with additional information and other scheduled activities. Rarely will members have to RSVP for our chapter gatherings or rides.

Are there any ride frequency requirements?
No. We encourage our members to come out when their schedules allow.

Do you have planned routes?
We generally get a consensus from the riders participating in that day's ride on where to go. We also take weather into consideration. We try to stay away from clouds and traffic.

I just want to ride. Why should I join H.O.G.® and the Windward Oahu Chapter? 
Because that’s exactly what H.O.G.® and the Windward Oahu Chapter is about - to Ride and Have Fun. While Windward Oahu Chapter participates in many activities and causes, our purpose is to ride and have fun. We keep our rides safe, fresh and respect that our riders need to stop and rest 
 (gets hot in Hawaii - dehydrates the heck out of you) yet spend as much seat time on our Harley's as H.O.G.® members do on the mainland. Our guest riders from the mainland tell us we do exactly that!


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